• Lower monthly cost than SMS and most other loyalty systems
  • Fully branded
  • Zero cost for communications with registered members
  • One touch, one scan registration
  • Minimal investment to start
  • Real-time analytics from web portal

Membership Made Easy

Your customers will love the loyalty program you give them. One of the greatest challenges with loyalty is getting customers to commit. The more difficult or invasive the program, the less likely a consumer is to join. SMS or cell phone based programs face the challenge of trust.

Your cell phone number is the second most guarded number in your life, second only to social security numbers. Asking for for a cell phone number when you first meet is often met with skepticism and reluctance. PassMarket removes those barriers. Sure, you want their name and number and email address for greater understanding of your consumers, and we’ll get you there – but on their terms.

How Can Your Customers Join?

  • Point of Presence Fulfillment: The POP pack includes signage and boarding cards to get you started.
  • Merchant Landing Page: We provide you with a branded website as part of the platform.
  • Social: Put your branded URL on your Facebook Wall and watch the membership grow 24/7.
  • URL: Create a mobile friendly URL to send to every customer right now. Imagine using your current SMS platform to send a URL and convert them immediately to your new, branded, lower cost loyalty platform!
  • Affiliate Network: Customers of other retailers will see your are now in the PassMarket portal and will be invited to join YOUR loyalty program.

Valuable Marketing Features

Spend more time keeping loyal customers loyal vs. getting more loyal customers.

According to Forrester research, companies spend only 30% of their loyalty budget keeping loyal customers loyal. The other 70% is spent finding more loyal customers. It stands in contrast considering every retailer knows there is nothing better for business than a happy, loyal customer that tells others about their experience.

Current Loyalty programs in the market can be punitive; they make it expensive to connect and communicate with your loyal base. PassMarket takes the barrier of “per message” out of the discussion. You can have 1 or 1,000,000 customers and send 100 or 100,000,000 messages – the cost is the same. PassMarket leverages the open push platform of Apple & Android and does not use the SMS network of carriers. This approach means tremendous savings to you and you can focus on keeping loyal customers loyal with offers and incentives that keep them coming back.