COCARD® serves our healthcare clients by applying efficiency, seamless integration and industry expertise to patient responsibility payment processing. We work with specialists in dental, orthodontics, vision care, veterinary medicine, emergency medicine, pathology, radiology, obstetrics and cardiology, as well as general practitioners. We are endorsed as a member benefit provider by dozens of national, state and regional healthcare associations.

The benefits include increased collections and cash flow, reduced receivables, improved office efficiency and functionality, reduced loss due to risk or chargebacks, less paperwork and improved customer service.

Healthcare providers can benefit from our comprehensive offerings including:

  • IP-based and dial-up solutions
  • Web services API for simple integration to existing systems, including access to automatic and manual recurring billing features
  • Automated order management and accuracy, from printed kitchen tickets to add-ons and guest checks. Automatically generates separate checks or splits menu items among checks
  • and manual recurring billing features Ability to accept all types of major payment cards
  • ACH and check processing
  • Payment assurance, installment payments and store-and-hold functionality